Accommodation and Travel Information

BICMR will accommodate all invited participants in No.1 building of Zhongguanyuan  Global Village Hotel and Shao Yuan Hotel. By default, rooms have been booked for the arrival on May 9 and departure on May 12, 2019. If you plan to have an extended stay, please inform Ms. He Liu ( so that we can make proper arrangements.

Hotel address:

 Zhongguanyuan Global Village Hotel, No. 1 Building  (北京大学中关新园1号楼) No. 216 Zhongguancun North Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100871, China

Hotel website:

Hotel Tel.: + (86 10) 62752288

Shaoyuan Hotel (勺园酒店), near the west gate, in Peking University campus.

Hotel Tel.: + (86 10) 62752200


Program & Abstract

Ms. He Liu
Phone: +86 10 62744134

We would suggest the participants to book the hotel as early as possible.