Since 2009, BICMR has hosted the Enhanced Program for Graduate Study one semester per year. Students of this program were recruited from universities all over China. This program offers four advanced courses in a broad variety of mathematical fields taught by top experts in their research fields. Each course covers both introductory level and research related materials which help the students enhance their mathematical background and get involved in some basic research in mathematics.
The purpose of this conference is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Enhanced Program for Graduate Study. We have invited more than 10 speakers from international and domestic universities. This conference will provide an opportunity for academic exchange and communications among current and former students of this program.  
Everybody is welcome to attend this conference.


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Accommodation and Travel Information

FX Hotel Zhong Guan Cun

FX Hotel Zhong Guan Cun is located at Zhong Guan Cun, known as the “Silicon Valley” in China. The hotel is designed to appeal to sophisticated travelers who look for convenience, comfort and service.

Address: No.68 North 4th Ring West Road (South of Haidian Bridge) Haidian District, Beijing

Tel: (China) 400 8200 868  or 010-58986666  (International) +86 21 6091 9987


Xiaoni Tan
No.78 Jingchunyuan,Peking University,
Beijing,China 100871


We would suggest the participants to book the hotel as early as possible.

We will cover the speakers' accommodation.