The goal of causal inference is to combine external knowledge and study design to draw a causal conclusion between variables. It has gained popularity in fields including statistics, biostatistics, biomedical science, computer science, economics, epidemiology, and various social sciences. This conference will focus on the latest development in the statistic on causal inference in biostatistics.The program of the conference will target university-based statisticians and industry-based statisticians. The conference follows last year’s successful causal inference conference in Beijing. Due to the COVID-19,The 2020 Pacific Causal Inference Conference will go virtual this year, which will take place between Sept 26th and Sept 27th.

Paper Submission

The 2020 Pacific Causal Inference Conference is seeking paper submissions, which describe recently completed work, highly relevant results of work in progress, or successful applications, in all areas related to Causal Inference.

1. Requirements:

 (1)The paper should include abstract (500 words both in English and Chinese) or full text (less than 8000 words), name of the author, positional titles, work unit, address, postal code, phone number (cellphone), and e-mail.

 (2)Send the paper via email to Papers due on Sep 1st, 2020. The name of your paper or subject of the e-mail should mark “Causal Inference Conference + topic+ work unit+ name”.

 (3)If private contents involved, please keep your privacy by yourselves

2. Selection of Papers:

(1)The program review panel will conduct peer review on the submitted papers for our conference, selecting the best ones to present in the special contributed session. We are planning to publish a special issue in Biostatistics & Epidemiology, an International Biometric Society (IBS) sponsored journal. If you are interested in publishing in this special issue, please indicate on your registration form. 

(2)Please keep the original manuscript yourselves; the program committee has the right to edit them.

(3)The accepted papers will be informed via e-mail.

ZOOM Arrangement

Theme:(Online)The 2020 Pacific Causal Inference Conference

Date:Sept 26th to Spet 27th , 2020, Beijing Time

Conference ID:644 7728 2320