The developments of optimization theory, methods and softwares have experienced tremendous growth recently.  They have expanded the scale and complexity of optimization problems that can be applied in many fields in science and engineering. This workshop aims at promoting the developments of optimization, bringing together leading researchers in the community and fostering collaborations.

Conference Manual

Accommodation and Travel Information

BICMR will accommodate all speakers in No.1 building of “Zhongguanyuan Global Village” Hotel and “Shao Yuan” Hotel.  Other participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own reservations for hotel accommodations and travel expenses. Some nearby hotels are avaible here:

“Zhongguanyuan Global Village” Hotel: It is across the street of Peking University Campus, about 10-20 minutes’ walk to BICMR.  Tel: + (86 10) 62752288

“Shao Yuan” Hotel.  It locates in the main campus of PKU, about 10 minutes’ walk to BICMR. Tel: + (86 10) 62757361

Xiaoni Tan (BICMR, Peking University, China)

Location: Room 77201, Jingchunyuan 78, BICMR